Our Story

Establishing our Team

The inspiration behind Designer Concepts comes from a lifetime of traveling around the globe, with a distinctive passion for visiting exotic continents and islands, taking in the beauty that nature has to offer and combining it with luxury.

Designer Concepts was formally established in 2022 by a creative team with a background in architecture, landscape design, interior design, planter design, fabrication and manufacturing. Our commercial and residential projects required high quality weathering steel that was unique in design, truely rich in colour and high in quality. With an abundance of Corten steel products available in the market, we found either quality, style or manufacturing was compromised.

With this obstacle in mind, collectively our team at Designer Concepts dedicated copious hours of their time to manufacture and deliver, what we believe, are the best Corten Steel products on the market today.

A year was invested in designing and collaborating with manufactures to finally present a high quality Corten Steel retail range of water features, metal sculptures and designer planters. This being available to both our commercial and residential clients.

Our design team continues to work closely with our local and international partners to manufacturer and present a beautiful range of water features that exude earthy tones that will naturally rust whilst protecting the steel from corrosion.

Expanding our customer base

We accommodate any commercial or residential projects. No job is to big or to small. Our design team will work collaboratively and in partnership with you to create custom pieces to suit your project.

For any sales enquires please email us at

Wholesale and Trade Enquires can be emailed to carmen@designerconcepts.au
We can accommodate any commercial or residential project by adding Corten steel to compliment your indoor and outdoor spaces. With on-site experts and a very talented team, we can custom design our products to your project specifications. Our work of art is guaranteed to bring the wow factor to your property, as well as adding value. At Designer Concepts, we are here to bring your vision to life.

Corten Steel Information

When you first receive your Corten Steel water feature, it will be at any point throughout the weathering process; on exposure to the elements, Corten Steel develops a protective layer of rust which acts as a shield for the blue steel inside and prevents further corrosion. This is part of the steels weathering process which we have broken down into several detailed stages to help you understand where in the process your Corten Steel is, and what to expect next:

Stage 1 – Freshly manufactured Corten Steel. At this stage the dark oily residue coats the Corten Steel.

Stage 2 – The oily residue is beginning to break down, as the Corten Steel begins to weather.

Stage 3 & 4 – The “Run-Off” stage – This can take around 3-9 months depending on weather and positioning.

Stage 5 & 6 – The final stages of the weathering process. The Corten Steels patina develops to a striking, more consistent appearance.

After the initial reactive period Corten Steel will cure and self-seal with little to no carbon run off. The weathering process of Corten Steel is integral to this product and as such we will not accept any responsibility for damage caused to surrounding materials, as a result of carbon run off from Corten Steel products. Please ensure you do not place your product on any surface that may be damaged during the weathering process.

For more information please see the attached fact sheet by clicking here

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