Our gorgeous Corten Steel Ponds are a fantastic focal point in any garden. With large swathes of the stunning Corten orange, these ponds will set off your surroundings and can transform any outdoor space. Fabricated from high-quality Corten Steel Designer Concept ponds are incredibly strong and durable, making Corten Steel an ideal material for this application. The Corten Steel is also naturally weather-resistant as it forms a self-protecting rust layer which prevents degradation of the inner steel. Our Corten Steel ponds are lined with a non-toxic bitumen waterproofing membrane or resin to prevent the pond water becoming contaminated with Corten rust. This lining is perfectly safe to aquatic life so any fish or other wildlife will be able to thrive in the pond. Corten orange running throughout your garden, you can add other Corten Steel Garden Water Features for example water bowls or pond walls to complete the look.